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In the digital marketing space, every organization finds itself at a unique point on a continuum.

Some marketers are beginners, taking their first steps, while others have already gained valuable experience and seek to elevate their efforts to the next level.Wherever you stand on your continuum, this book is designed to meet you where you are. It offers a wealth of information and insights that you can tailor to your specific needs, goals and aspirations.

Whether you choose to dive in and implement everything or selectively focus on certain areas, the choice is yours.

One thing is certain: embarking on a digital marketing transformation requires making crucial real-time decisions.

Restructuring, talent acquisition, process management, accountability, training, budgeting, and more will be on your agenda. Along the way, you will encounter conflicts, face setbacks, and experience fits and starts.

However, rest assured that the journey will be well worth the effort as you transform your marketing department and your organization.

Within the pages of this book, you will find guidance, strategies, tactics, and real-world examples to help you navigate the challenges and seize the marketing opportunities that lie ahead.

It’s time to embrace the transformative power of digital marketing and embark on a journey that promises tremendous rewards.

Business Transformation Through Digital Marketing


I can’t thank Mike enough for the RESULTS he provided and the ongoing advice and monitoring to continue our business growth.

Mike, You Are Awesome!!!

I love working with Mike as he is someone that believes if he can help others get what they want that he will be successful. In fact, as I have been building my speaking credentials to become a Master Class speaker for Tony Robbins, Mike was someone that critiqued my initial presentations and helped me to clarify my message. He’s a super solid guy!

We’ve only been working with Mike for a few months, but we are all impressed with what he brings to the table. With his guidance, we’ve completely revamped our online strategies and online presence – in a very short time we’ve gone from a random assortment of several websites without a clear vision to an orchestrated network that complements itself. Mike understands our company’s focus and direction, and is constantly helping us refine our vision.

From coming up with our company motto, Investing in People and Property, to leading the discussion of our current marketing and branding flaws and deficiencies (as well as solutions!) Mike has done quite a bit to change our company’s outlook on marketing.

Thanks to Mike marketing is no longer a necessary evil, but a fascinating component of our business. As a small company that doesn’t have the budget for a marketing department, Mike Huber is a no-brainer, and I would recommend his services to anyone that wants to expand their presence – online and off.

Some people just get up on stage or launch a webinar and are just checking the box.

That is not Mike.

The information that he creates has a real purpose, and he follows through to make sure that he delivers on the promise of what he is teaching.

I highly recommend Mike if you need any digital marketing, coaching or training!

This sales knowledge propelled me to be a Sales Trainer and then a different path in Human Resources for the next 10 years of my 20-yr newspaper career. I owe Mike so much as he jumpstarted my career, as a secretary without a degree, but he believed in me and taught me.

I am now in sales as a recruiter in the Medical Field for the most recent 10 years of my career. I think back to those sales skills that Mike taught me then that transcend all industries and whatever you’re selling. This year I am the Recruiter of the Year and I know that my early career at the newspaper working for Mike was the foundation of my success.

Mike was smart to get out of Newspapers as the world was going digital. He knew to make that transition and new digital marketing was the future. He always had insight and used that in his own career for his clients.

Mike always kept up on industry trends and was always optimistic in his mild-mannered day. He is smart, driven, and knows his stuff. I have known this man now for 34 years and highly recommend Mike Huber for any project and tap him for his knowledge and enthusiasm. Cynthia Marshall

Over many years working alongside Mike – it’s clear that educating others is in his DNA. He’s a gem of a teacher (and person to boot) who has taught me a lot.

Mike presents a content-rich digital marketing curriculum with absolute clarity. He thoughtfully answers questions with direct feedback.

Learning from Mike will give you the knowledge and resources you need to turn what you learn into business success that lasts.


Mike Huber was a key member of the lodging software development team previously contracted by Triple Crown Sports. Our company now uses this system to support the required lodging process for all of our largest events around the country.

His patience was his strongest attribute through the challenging process of taking tools that his company had developed, and customizing them to fit our sports event business. Mike has a very strong depth of knowledge in technology and sports tourism. He was and is a pleasure to work with.

Mike is a “Go-To” professional for anything e-commerce related. He’s any early adopter of new technology, using hands-on experience to figure out the features and benefits of new media, and how the new tech will assist both his company and the end-user.

Mike has web site usability expertise, design expertise, as well as the end-user centric vision to make any new media company as success. His online expertise, coupled with his media sales background, integrity, and honesty, make Mike a highly-valued asset to any company.