Customized Training For Enterprise Level Organizations

Customized Training for Your Specific Needs

Mike has created and presented customized workshops and training for enterprise level organizations, including John Deere, Medtronic, USMC, IADB, Boehringer Ingelheim and many more.  The training starts with a needs analysis and in most cases as skills assessment.

The assessments measure digital marketing maturity for each team member and also for the entire marketing department.  Results are baked into the training where the organization has skill gaps.

Mike is frequently speaking at organization about digital marketing, doing ½ day workshops and focused talks on digital strategy, content creation, video marketing, link building, SEO, website migration and other digital marketing topics.

He also spends time training internal marketing teams about the customer journey and how to align resources and budgets to transform business.

MBA Marketing Class Guest Lecturer

Mike has had the opportunity to be a guest lecturer for MBA marketing classes on multiple occasions.  He’s customized his 1/2 workshop into a shorter timeframe in order to accommodate the class schedules.  The lectures are entirely interactive and provide valuable real-world scenarios for these MBA students.

Sample Training Session