Selling is My Passion

Publisher’s Award for Sales Excellence

The nomination narrative submitted for the award:

“Mike’s team is responsible for 65% of the retail metro team revenue.” said Jeanne Bohnam, retail metro sales manager.  “In his two years as key accounts manager, his team has increased revenues by 51%.

“This year, his team was responsible for signing more than 100 new  and upgraded contracts, resulting in $10 million in incremental revenue.”

“Mike works hard to teach his people to sell creatively and strategically.  He never stops brining ideas to me and others.  He helps his reps identify customer needs and how to meet those needs in a timely manner.

“Mike is the most sales-driven manager I have ever worked with, and his people are proud to be on his team.  One of his recently promoted sales reps thanked him for pushing him further than he knew he was capable of going.  I have never seen Mike give up, no matter what the obstacles, objections or frustrations.”

Silver Ingot Award